How Much Practicing Is Enough?

How much practicing is enough? Every instrument requires practice in order to connect what you feel and want to express inside, with what comes out the instrument in terms of sound and emotion. Every instrument has it’s own unique challenges in terms of technique, and every musician has her unique strengths and weaknesses, with regards […]

Practicing for Mastery

There are infinite approaches to learning music and developing one’s unique voice. It is important to know your direction to keep progressing and enhancing your connection to your art. For example, if you hope to be a singer-songwriter, your approach will necessitate specific abilities. You will need a good basis in chord harmony on the […]

Empty Your Tea Cup!

Empty Your Tea Cup! One of my favorite stories concerns a Buddhist scholar and a Zen Master. The scholar had an extensive background in Buddhist Studies and was an expert on the Nirvana Sutra. He came to study with the master and after making the customary bows, asked her to teach him Zen. Then, he […]