Academic Calendar

2017-18 Calendar

Fall 2017 (17 weeks)

August 27 Private Instruction Begins
October 25 Student Recital
December 23-January 7 Winter Vacation (lessons optional)
January 6 Last Day of Fall Semester

Winter 2018 (11 weeks)

January 7 Private Instruction Begins
February 7 Student Recital
March 23 Last Day of Winter Semester

Spring 2018 (9 weeks)

March 24-April 1 Spring Break (lessons optional)
April 1 Private Instruction Begins
May 2 Student Recital
June 2 Last Day of Spring Semester

Summer 2018 (12 weeks) Flexible Scheduling

June 3 Private Instruction Begins
August 26 Last Day of Summer Semester

Note: Any lesson that occurs on a holiday will be rescheduled for another day that week

Note: Spring Break lessons will be scheduled around your spring break schedule, if it differs from the dates above