Guitar Duo

Martin Metzger and Diego Alonso

Martin Metzger and Diego Alonso met 7 years ago and immediately became good friends. Both passionate about the guitar, they began to share their knowledge and experience with each other. Diego lived for 3 years in Sevilla, Spain, and learned flamenco from master teachers such as Pedro Sierra and Nino de Pura. Martin’s first degree was in Jazz Performance, and after he traveled to Granada, Spain on many occasions to continue an in-depth study of the flamenco guitar. Together, they explore the cross over between flamenco/flamenco jazz/Latin jazz/ Brazilian jazz and improvisation. The results are inspired, lively and joyous. The duo performs all over the Chicagoland area, playing for events of all kinds.

To contact/book an event with Martin and Diego email or call 773-744-1156