Academic Calendar

2019-20 Calendar

Fall 2019 (16 weeks)

September 2 Private Instruction Begins
December 11 Student Recital
December 23-January 3 Winter Vacation (lessons optional)
January 3 Last Day of Fall Semester

Winter 2020 (11 weeks)

January 4 Private Instruction Begins
March 11 Student Recital
March 23 Last Day of Winter Semester

Spring 2020 (11 weeks)

March 23-March 29 Spring Break (lessons optional)
March 30 Private Instruction Begins
May 20 Student Recital
June 10 Last Day of Spring Semester

Summer 2020 (11 weeks) Flexible Scheduling

June 10 Private Instruction Begins
August 30 Last Day of Summer Semester

Note: Any lesson that occurs on a holiday will be rescheduled for another day that week, or within the quarter

Note: Spring Break lessons will be scheduled around your spring break schedule, if it differs from the dates above