Mervin Mendez

Mervin Mendez

Mervin Mendez

Bass, Double Bass, Percussion, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Cuatro and Repairs

Mervin Mendez has 38 years of experience teaching children and adults how to play guitar, double bass, ukulele, mandolin, cuatro and Latin Percussion. Initially a self-taught musician, Mervin also formally studied both Jazz and classical music. While Mervin has the ability to play by ear, he is also a proficient sight reader, transcriber of music and composer with a solid understanding of music theory.

Mervin draws from diverse pedagogical traditions. In addition to teaching all the fundamentals of music, which includes, sight reading, chord construction, scales, reading chord charts, rhythm, and music theory, Mervin assists in opening up the creative heart of students by providing them with the intellectual tools for them to develop their improvisational skills and voice. In lessons, Mervin utilizes hand percussion instruction to teach the fundamentals of sight reading while also grounding students with an understanding of basic rhythmic structures which enables them to play well and create with other musicians.

Mervin provides orchestral Double bass students with tutoring and support for middle and High School orchestral performance work. Special attention is given to the development of the students bowing technique on both French and German bows. In addition to developing sight reading skills double bass students learn how to construct Latin and walking bass lines.

Mervin is an intelligent, creative and empathetic teacher; full of insight and authenticity.

Guitar Repairs and Modifications
Mervin provides quality guitar repairs and setups for both acoustic and electric guitars. His setups and modifications will vastly improve the sound and playability of your instrument. Mervin offers more than just maintenance, repairs and adjustments—he will work with you to find the sound you have been searching for.

To contact/schedule a lesson with Mervin email or call 773-744-1156