Austin Gray Williams

Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Composition, Piano

Chicago based bassist/composer/performer/pianist Austin Gray Williams derives style and aesthetic from many different styles of music and music culture. Recently graduated from The Chicago College of Performing arts with an MM in composition and having a Bachelors of Music from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in music composition, Austin Williams has actively been performing and writing music on a high level for the past 8+ years. Working with high caliber individuals such as Josh Schwalbach (Minneapolis based bassist, classical), Adam Linz (Minneapolis based bassist, Jazz) and composition faculty such as Dr. Chia-Yu Hsu (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire) and Dr. Kyong-Mee Choi (Chicago College of Performing Arts) allowed Austin to understand what high levels of teaching involve and what it takes to be an effective teacher.

Austin’s goal with each student is to help them progress in their technique while working within their own aesthetic. By using styles and genres that connect with the individual it allows them to grow with something they enjoy rather than something they loath. Austin believes no style or genre is inherently better than another and thus any style or aesthetic in music can be used to better one’s musicality and technique.

Having actively been part of a variety of music groups ranging from small jazz groups, large orchestra’s, and punk trio’s, there is a wide variety of influence on his work and knowledge. With such a variable background it’s not uncommon to see multiple influences at once, though still incredibly cohesive. In writing and playing music with a variety of styles and aesthetics, Austin hopes to reach those who don’t otherwise have a voice or cannot voice it themselves. Life is messy, harsh, and beautiful; Austin Gray Williams reflects on finding the space where chaos and beauty intersect.

Austin is an intelligent and thoughtful teacher, equally at ease teaching electric and upright bass pedagogy, the fundamentals of piano, recording and video technology and composition.

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