Tuition Policies:


Our attendance policy is in place to diminish the heavy strain that multiple misses can put on an instructor’s already busy schedule. We also believe that consistent lessons helps build discipline, confidence, progress and momentum. We understand that unexpected events do occur, and we do our best to work with you as much as our schedules will allow.

An excused lesson may be rescheduled at the teacher’s discretion. To be eligible for an excused lesson, the student must contact the teacher at least 48 hours in advance. Students are guaranteed only one make-up per semester due to an excused absence. All excused lessons, as defined above, must be made up within the dates of the current quarter.

If a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, he or she will offer an alternative time to reschedule, prior to the end of the current quarter.

Tuition Payment

To secure your reserved lesson time, tuition is due on the first day of classes.

All other students meeting at my home studio can pay cash, chase quick pay, venmo, apple pay, or check made out to Martin Metzger.

In order to allow for flexibility, adult students are not required to commit to our quarter system. Adult students will be charged by the month, at the end of each month, for all lessons taken.

Our Tuition per lesson for the 2022/23 year comes to $70 for 30 minute lesson, $85 for 45 minute lessons, $100 for a 60 minute lessons


Fall Semester

(18 weeks)
  • 18 lessons at 30 minutes = $1170
  • 18 lessons at 45 minutes = $1530
  • 18 lessons at 60 minutes = $1800

Winter Semester

(12 weeks)
  • 12 lessons at 30 minutes = $780
  • 12 lessons at 45 minutes = $1020
  • 12 Lessons at 60 minutes = $1200

Spring Semester

(10 weeks)
  • 10 lessons at 30 minutes = $650
  • 10 lessons at 45 minutes = $850
  • 10 lessons at 60 minutes = $1000

Summer Semester

(10 weeks)
  • 10 lessons at 30 minutes = $650
  • 10 lessons at 45 minutes = $850
  • 10 lessons at 60 minutes = $1000

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Withdrawal will only be honored with a written notice and approval by the administration. Refunds will be determined on a case by case basis.

Note: a $40 fee will be assessed for any returned check, plus any incurred banking fees

2022-23 Academic Calendar

Fall 2022

(18 weeks)
  • August 21
    Private Instruction Begins
  • TBA
    Student Recital
  • December 23-January 7
    Winter Vacation (lessons optional)
  • January 7
    Last Day of Fall Semester

Winter 2023

(12 weeks)
  • January 8
    Private Instruction Begins
  • TBA
    Student Recital
  • April 1
    Last Day of Winter Semester

Spring 2023

(10 weeks)
  • April 2 – April 8
    Spring Break (lessons optional)
  • April 9
    Private Instruction Begins
  • TBA
    Student Recital
  • June 17
    Last Day of Spring Semester

Summer 2023

(10 weeks) Flexible Scheduling
  • June 18:
    Private Instruction Begins
  • August 19
    Last Day of Summer Semester

Note: Any lesson that occurs on a holiday will be rescheduled for another day that week, or within the quarter

Note: Spring Break lessons will be scheduled around your spring break schedule, if it differs from the dates above


We are truly loving working with Martin Metzger. Our 12-year old son looks forward to his lessons and is excited to play the music he and Martin choose together. Martin strongly believes in allowing kids to follow their interests, and has the talent, interest, and patience to help them do so in a wide range of genres. Martin is knowledgeable and dedicated both as a musician and as an educator. We travel a bit of a distance for lessons and are convinced it's well worth our time. We recommend him highly to anyone at any age looking for a great guitar instructor." Tammy R.
I love learning guitar from Marty! He's been my guitar teacher for four years now and I'm still happy with him. Marty has adapted his lesson style as I learn and got older, so the lesson is always interesting with new things to learn. We've also developed a bunch of inside jokes. Marty is a nice guy who makes learning guitar about enjoying music and teaching yourself discipline to be able to learn guitar. You will learn something new every lesson! I wouldn't pick any teacher over him!! Allison G.

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